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Who buys Hov Pod?

Commercial users for bridge repair and maintenance, oil industry exploration in shallow waters or pipeline inspection and security.
Police and rescue institutions for flood, mud, sand and ice rescues to save the lives of snowmobile users, quad bikers, ice fishermen, etc.
Military Patrol is another case. Hov Pod fits well to maintain homeland security, especially on water, rough terrain and sand.
Entrepreneurs who want to become a dealer or operate a lucrative rental hovercraft business.
Private persons who like to spend their time fishing, travelling or doing anything on water. Hov Pod is also a great fun for children.

What do customers say

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"When we collected the Hov Pod from the factory, on our journey home, just after exiting the M25, the motorist behind, flashed us to pull over, to ask where to get one."

"I think the ease of maintenance is understated for the Hov Pod. In total my impression so far is that it is inexpensive and easy to own."

"Words cannot describe the feeling of hovering off the ground and sliding sideways down a football pitch, you should have seen the looks I got by the footballers! I can truly say that the Hov Pod is a pleasure to pilot!"

"I was very impressed that when we flew into the water I wasn't soaked, having previously owned a triple engined hovercraft I have had some very bad wet experiences! Hov Pod was so different, easy to control, safe to be aboard.... It was so smooth and I couldn't notice the difference when we hit land again, very shocked in this hovercrafts performance indeed.... I would highly recommend the Hov Pod to all."

"It is like a Rolls Royce compared to everything else I have seen. It even can stop on the water carrying up to three adults!"

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HovPod's key features

  • Extreme reliability
  • Strong, buoyant and lightweight material
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Ready for all-terrain usage
  • Can carry up to three persons
  • Modest prices

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